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50 1 sentence examples 1 Add a few drops of lime juice 2 Lemon and lime juice were both temporarily out of stock 3 Stir in fish sauce coconut milk sugar and lime juice and bring to a simmer 4 Witness the vogue for lime juice and lime zest

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Definition of Categorize to place something in a class or group based on its attributes Examples of Categorize in a sentence I decided to categorize this homework as math because it has a lot of math in it despite being assigned by the science teacher

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Limestone definition Limestone is a whitish-coloured rock which is used for building and for making cement Meaning pronunciation translations and examples Example sentences including Stay overnight somewhere This article looks at some useful phrases you can use when discussing options about what to do when travelling Read more

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Builders today use sandstone and limestone on the outside walls of buildings and limestone is used for making cement and steel Asked in Example Sentences Can you use the word limestone in a

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19 sentence examples 1 To a geologist this is a simple limestone sinkhole 2 A sinkhole is a natural depression caused by the removal of underground soil by water 3 La Jolla US 2007 A massive sinkhole in the Mount Soledad neighbourhood 4 B

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How to use lime in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word lime Here are some examples Sentence Examples Or you may set your plant in sharp sand and mix some lime with the soil which you replace Those who drink Corona beer often shove a lime wedge into the bottle to give the beer a citrus kick

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Limestone quotes from YourDictionary Consequently limestone when taken out of the kiln though its bulk remains the same as before it is found to have lost about a third of its weight owing to the boiling out of the water Therefore its pores bei

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The range is however continued through the province now called Calabria to the southern extremity or toe of Italy but presents in this part a very much altered character the broken limestone range which is the true continuation of the chain as far as the neighbourhood of Nicastro and Catanzaro and keeps close to the west coast being flanked on the east by a great mass of granitic

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How to use limestone in a sentence Coco Peterson Bluestone—an exceptionally hard limestone—has a low water absorption so it s an ideal dining surface Henk Jonkers It is combining nature with construction materials nature is supplying us a lot of functionality for free -- in this case limestone-producing bacteria If we can implement it in materials we can really benefit from it

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The blocks of limestone in the forest s ravine are covered with lush growths of mosses lichens liverworts and walking ferns The flue gas is passed through an aqueous limestone slurry containing formic acid There are two rock gardens limestone and sandstone a scented garden a stream garden a woodland garden a bog garden and a dry garden The Mediterranean soils of terra rossa on a

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lime definition Lime means a greenish-yellow color adjective An example of lime is the stone peridot Definitions lime lime Use lime in a sentence A whole lime with slices adjective Lime means a greenish-yellow color Sentence Examples Salt lime and gypsum are abundant

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The Mesozoic begins with a Triassic land period in the mainland of Australia while the islands of the Australasian festoon contain the Triassic marine limestones which fringe the whole of the Pacific The Triassic beds are best known in New South Wales where round Sydney they include a series of sandstones and shales

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limestone definition a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium carbonate often composed of the organic remains of sea animals as mollusks corals etc and used as building stone a source of lime etc when crystallized by heat and pressure

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Learn the definition of the word lime-avenue and how to use lime-avenue in a sentence Lime-avenue example sentences listen the pronunciation easily copy paste Learn the definition of the word lime-avenue and how to use lime-avenue in a sentence Lime-avenue example sentences listen the pronunciation easily copy paste

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The old man was still sitting in the ornamental garden like a fly impassive on the face of a loved one who is dead tapping the last on which he was making the bast shoe and two little girls running out from the hot house carrying in their skirts plums they had plucked from the trees there came upon Prince Andrew

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limestone is more porous than 10 12 Use limestone in a sentence limestone in a sentence Limestone These are made of limestone The limestone rests on mica slate This variety of limestone is not uncommon These vines turned the limestone to a bright green The limestone was gone and there were no directions 13

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191 7 sentence examples 1 A broad avenue of lime trees led up to a grand entrance with huge oak doors 2 Add a few drops of lime juice 3 The gas has been tested with lime water 4 Acidity in soil can be neutralized by spreading lime on it 5 T

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This was an office which however congenial to Mr Law with his colonial birth and his belief in Colonial Preference did not bring him much into the limelight and influential as he was in the councils of the Ministry in public he was content to play a comparatively subordinate part