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As applications grow in complexity and shrink in size Makino provides the micro milling and micro EDM solutions with extreme accuracy needed to machine miniature parts iQ300 iQ500 Vertical Machining Centers Makino s IQ series of machines are ideal for micro milling on the most difficult to machine materials and tiny features

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As applications grow in complexity and shrink in size Makino machines and engineering services provide micro milling and micro EDM solutions with the high-accuracy machining necessary to produce miniature parts Micro part manufacturing is needed in more industries than ever before At Makino we re helping companies of every size and

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Open up new opportunities for ultra-precise machining of miniaturized components in various fields of technology including aerospace defense medical instruments semiconductor that may require wire diameters down to 0 02 mm

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Micro-EDM is a specialized form of EDM whereby the workpieces have features as little as 10 microns 0 0004 inches These small features are achieved with electrodes that are also very small in size For EDM sinker and EDM milling the typical features are internal geometries such as holes slots etc

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Most EDM drilling machines are CNC-controlled however few are actually mounted on the table of a CNC mill By retrofitting an EDM driller onto a CNC mill KLH offers micro hole and small hole EDM drilling services on parts over 2 200 lbs and in excess of 40 long

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Aurora Micro Machine uses state of the art Sarix Micro EDM technology to deliver precise micro EDM holes and micro EDM milling solutions Aurora Micro Machine is able to machine perfectly round holes shaped holes holes from 0009 to 080 and hold tolerances down to …

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Sodick s micro machining models are best for machining parts with micro-scale features and micron-level tolerances These machines have a special design that improves micro machining performance

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Micro-EDM-Milling has a strong innovation potential because it can perform accurate and detailed cavies with a high aspect ratio In this technology the electrode wear and material removal produced by every discharge is determined by the effective power delivered by the generator during every pulse cycle

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From time to time Micro Machine Company seeks qualified machinists with experience in wire EDM CNC milling and Swiss turning If you have experience in one or more of these areas please send your resume to hr micromachineco com Current Openings

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Aurora Micro Machine is able to produce Micro Cavities for the mold industry or other customer applications Aurora Micro Machine is able to use electrodes down to 001 and hold tolerances down to 0002 Using experience and industry leading technology Aurora Micro Machine delivers precise micro milling solutions

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An ultra-precision micro fine machining model to push larger micromachining hardware as far as it can go Benefits of Direct Gate Milling For Plastic Injection Molding EDM Milling enewsletter Laser Press Brake enewsletter Dealer Portal Login

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Microcut is a manufacturer of Premium Quality Carbide End Mills and Special Application Rotary Cutting Tools for industrial and medical applications

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Makino precision micro machining centers are designed with features such as advanced spindle temperature control unique EDM advancements and rigid machine construction that enhance your shop s micro machining performance With Makino s micro machining you re not just keeping up—you re setting the pace

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Projects Companies laboratories and universities across the country utilize our milling micro milling precision milling capabilities With such a vast array of machining options to supplement our milling capabilities we ve produced components in every industry …

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Micro Machining is our Specialty at Owens Industries We offer Micro Machining of components using conventional CNC Milling super precision turning sink EDM and wire EDM processes Many components can be produced with micromachining a number of examples from different industries include The medical field IntraVascular Scoops

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the Micro-Machining with new dedicated SARIX Technologies of 3D Micro-Milling Its combination with a continuous auto matic wear compensation spindle and a built in Micro Wire-EDM electrode grinding device opens up new perspectives on the micro machining of •3D Micro Milling of complexes forms with radius corner down to 3 microns

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State of the art Sari X Micro EDM technology allows Aurora to EDM precise Micro Holes down to 0009 and EDM mill 3D micro cavities for molds and other applications As an ISO 9001 2015 certified company Aurora Micro Machine is able to provide accurate machining solutions quality controlled and documented results

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known as Micro-EDM Micro-EDM process is based on the thermoelectric energy between the workpiece and an electrode Micro-EDM is a newly developed method to produce micro-parts which in the range of 50 µm -100 µm Micro-EDM is an efficient machining process for the fabrication of a micro-metal hole with various advantages

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The best 3D Micro EDM Milling on SX-100 and SX-200 Machines series • The perfect high precision 3D structure machining process for complex positive or negative forms • Combining the continuous automatic wear compensation spindle and a built in Micro Wire-EDM electrode grinding device it opens up new perspectives on the 3D micro

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Specialized micro EDM services are also available through our affiliate company Leer Technologies Inc EDM Services at Saturn Industries Saturn Industries an AS9100 Certified EDM services provider offers top quality electrical discharge machining services and has been the industry leader since 1959

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IQ300 Micro Milling Machine for Ultra Precision Performance The iQ300 is the ideal precision micro milling machine for manufacturers of LED tooling optic surface finishes and other high-tolerance machining applications

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The electrode turns with a decentering giving two different gaps one where sparks erode the material and another bigger one allowing a better flushing of eroded materials In combination with CNC driven axis and a high-speed interface to communicate with the micro EDM generator perfect micro …

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EDM has also been attempted to fabricate micro end mills Fleischer et al showed the feasibility of fabricating a tungsten carbide end mill of 100 μm diameter by wire EDM 10 and Chern et al succeeded in fabricating a 31 μm diameter end mill with simple circular cross-sections 11 These efforts have demonstrated that micro cutting using

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WSM Technology represent the Jingdiao High Speed and 5 Axis Mills The Titan EDM Hole Drilling The Schaublin Turning Machines in the exact same geographical map WSM Technology represent Sarix in the entire State of Ohio Pennsylvania Western Virginia Michigan Indiana and Kentucky

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Mar 01 2011· Efficient Machining of Micro EDM Electrodes To achieve efficiency and quality in machining micro EDM electrodes consider a machine dedicated to this process Verifying the quality of the finish product is a key part of evaluating your milling process

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With our highly complex 5-axis micro milling technology we are able to produce the most complex micro parts possible in tolerances under 5 μm We are micro milling in all materials such as titanium aluminum steel stainless steel and PEEK just to name a few

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In addition to offering state of the art 3D multi-axis CNC micro EDMing and 3D micro EDM milling Saturn Industries can also provide wire EDM 400mm thick 30 degree taper EDM drilling and sinker services as well as complimentary conventional machining resources Discover the possibilities of micro …