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A low rank coal from Banko South Sumatera was used to study the properties improvement of the coal due to coal upgrading process Various coal upgrading processes were conducted i e upgraded brown coal UBC hot water drying HWD and steam drying …

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Comparing the properties between raw Usibelli coal and the 275° C products mean values shows that the calorific value increased by 6 carbon content increased by 4 oxygen content decreased by 12 and the equilibrium moisture level decreased by 45 The other two low-rank …

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Aug 15 2014· The price of coal sold to utilities depends upon the heating value of the coal Thus removal of moisture from low-rank coals LRC is an important operation Furthermore LRC can be used cost effectively for pyrolysis gasification and liquefaction processes

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2 4 Main problems in utilization of low rank coal and effect of valorization on low rank coal by drying The main problem for utilization of LRC by different planned processes depends on moisture content and ash composition and the low calorific value LHV which results from composition of coal

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Drying of low-rank coal LRC is carried out to increase its caloric value and facilitate its transport Wet coal is difcult to load or unload from railway cars owing to freezing which is a

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In this study we propose an upgrading technique for low rank coals using the combination of an atmospheric superheated steam drying and coal tar coating processes This upgrading process was applied to coal which similar Indonesian Banko low rank coal that had been used in the previous study 7 9 The upgraded coal was characterized and

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Mar 22 2016· ABSTRACTThe drying behaviors of low-rank coal LRC under negative pressure were studied with a vacuum-drying oven under different pressures and temperatures The results confirmed the feasibility of using the Page model to predict the drying behaviors of LRC under negative pressure A new ideal radical ball model was proposed to further qualitatively analyze the influences of pressure …

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Jun 25 2019· However combustion in the boiler will become unstable in low load conditions which constrains the load reduction of coal-fired power plants especially the plants fueled by low-rank coal LRC This work proposed a thermal energy storage TES concept based on LRC-drying LD-TES to reduce the minimum load of LRC-fired power plants LCPPs

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Utilization of low-rank coal LRC It is well known that coal has been an important primary energy source The increases in the price of high-rank coals have made the low-rank coal resources more important than ever before In fact low-rank coal resources are found worldwide including China and other Asian developing countries

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Low-rank coal LRC is widely used for power generation in many regions of the world However due to the high moisture content of LRC the overall efficiency of LRC-fired power plants without a pre-drying system is relatively low Studies show that the overall efficiency can be improved by pre-drying the coal…

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Drying of low rank coal is a very significant topic due to its high economic value One of the most important parameter in the designing of a dryer is the exiting moisture content of the material

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The price of coal sold to utilities depends upon the heating value of the coal Thus removal of moisture from low-rank coals LRC is an important operation Furthermore LRC can be used cost effectively for pyrolysis gasification and liquefaction processes

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bituminous coal is important as well as that of high rank coal HRC LRC should be used close to mine site due to its low calorific value high moisture content low thermal efficiency richness in oxygen and high tendency to spontaneous combustion Therefore LRC needs to be upgraded to make its characteristics resemble with HRC

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Low-rank coals including the brown and the subbituminous coals are commonly known to contain high moisture content up to 65 wet basis which limits their utilization around the world in spite of their low cost Today the most of the drying technologies are based on the evaporation of the water from the moist product In this chapter the most effective parameters on the evaporative coal

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Overview of Low-Rank Coal LRC Drying dry coal and the other to make coal-water fuel from the fines for a different market Drying processes can generally be categorized by the drying temperature process equipment and the size of the feed and or product which may be fines lumps or compacted product i e briquettes extrudates and pellets

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The moisture contents of coals are often too high and need to be reduced before further processing In this study the application of microwave radiation as an alternative energy source for the drying of a sub-bituminous coal was investigated

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Nov 04 2013· Coal is one of the most important energy sources in the world for electricity and other applications Coals are generally classified as high and low rank coals depending on their properties especially heating value moisture content impurities etc Above all lignite or sub-bituminous coal is a type of low-rank coal LRC and it has high moisture content 20 50 lower heating


Coal is the most abundant fuel on earth and low-rank coal LRC such as sub-bituminous coal and lignite makes up about half of all coal deposits LRC is inconvenient to use due to its low caloric value and high content of moisture together with the strong tendency of spontaneous combustion due to these oxygen rich coals etc Solving these

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With the demand of coal by the power sector the use of low rank coal LRC becomes inevitable This has forced the consumers to look for high moisture thermal coal Also to improve the efficiency many research work progressed to dry the coal Below is the outline of few coal drying methods being adopted by power plant or at

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Low-rank coal LRC drying processes are generally categorized by operating temperature drying environment and type of feed or product Within these broad categories drying processes differ further according to the type of drying equipment and methods of quenching and stabilizing dried products

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Jan 07 2015· In addition dried low-rank coals have been proven to improve plant efficiency enhance safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions Although numerous technologies for coal drying already exist it is often challenging if not impossible to find one that is cost-effective in all aspects

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Abundance of low-rank coal LRC and increasing demand for energy provides motivation for upgrading LRC in terms of their high moisture content Canadian lignite coal 425 1000 µm was dried at different temperatures using different methods namely hydrothermal treatment HT vacuum drying and hot air drying